Wolverine Costumes Bringing Out the X-Men in You

Wolverine is a Marvel Comics superhero. He first saw print in the 180th issue of The Incredible Hulk in October of 1974. He was created by art director John Romita Sr. and Len Wein. Wolverine subsequently joined the “All New, All Different X-Men” in May 1975. Chris Claremont, one of the X-Men comic’s most prolific writers, created much of the myths about arguably the most iconic X-Men character of all time. John Byrne also helped create Wolverine’s background story. Claremont later collaborated with Frank Miller and gave the character more depth with a series of four comics in the latter part of 1982.

Logan (legal name James Howlett) is one of Wolverine’s more well-known aliases. He is a mutant who possesses a speedy healing factor which allows him to bounce back after even the most mortal wounds. He has enhanced senses, particularly the sense of smell. He also has formidable bone claws and great physical abilities. He is even impervious to toxins or diseases, which has given him his long lifespan. He was chosen to be part of the Weapon X super-soldier project due to his healing factor, as the adamantium and bone bonding process could be fatal to normal folk. He is now very popular in and out of comics due to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men movie series.

You can get a Wolverine of whatever style or size from the Internet, or you could make a Wolverine outfit of your own. There are also many accessories available to make you look more like the cigar-chomping character. There are Wolverine costumes such as the Wolverine Muscle Costume Deluxe for adults, Muscle Costume Deluxe for kids, and the Wolverine Toddler muscle Costume. You can also lend more verisimilitude to your outfit with a few accessories, such as the Wolverine Deluxe Claws for adults, Wolverine Claws for kids, the Wolverine Origins Mask, the Wolverine Vinyl ΒΌ Origins Mask, the Wolverine Leather Mask for adults, and the complete Origins Kit. You can even get a Wolverine wig.

Wolverine’s costume has evolved through the years. His initial costume was composed of a mask, skintight overalls, and boots in yellow, with black and blue hints. It later became a black and yellow motif, which turned into brown and yellow in the early 1980s. Some of his other costumes are the half-naked Weapon X outfit, and the “civilian” leather jacket, pants, boots, and wife beater undergarment. There are also so many types of Wolverine Claws to choose from, whether in-glove or bone style.

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