Wolverine and the X-Men Birthday Party Ideas

Since debuting back in the 1960s, one of the most popular superheroes in existence is Wolverine. Often called an anti-hero, he has legions of fans that span 40 years of comic books.

With the release of the new Wolverine movie, more and more kids will learn about this superhero and more kids will want to have a Wolverine themed birthday party. You can put one on with ease with the help of these party ideas.

Style Wolverine Hair
Wolverine has unique hair, so why not style the hair of the kids to look like Wolverine? All you have to do is get some gel and swoop their hair back along the sides so the hair almost looks like wings. This will help the kids get into the character of Wolverine and help them have more fun at the birthday party you are putting on for them.

Face Paint Sideburns
Now that you have the hair right, you can use some black face paint and give the kids sideburns like wolverine. All you have to do is draw large mutton chops along their cheeks and color them in with the black face paint. This will help complete the look of Wolverine. Although there is one more thing that is needed…

Make Wolverine Claws
With some cardboard, silver paint and elastic bands, it is possible to make Wolverine claws that will stay on the hands of the kids. You can allow the kids to decorate them if they want, or you can give them pre-made Wolverine claws. Then, once they look the part of Wolverine, you just have to take a picture of them in their best Wolverine pose.

Wolverine is the superhero everyone loves for his attitude and rebellious spirit. This year, a new Wolverine movie was released and that means even more kids and a whole new generation will learn about Wolverine. It may seem tough to put on a Wolverine themed birthday party, but it’s not when you have these party ideas to help you.

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