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If you’re reading this article then chances are that you know someone who loves Spiderman! Who doesn’t right? We also know that shopping for a Spiderman fan can be extremely difficult. There’s almost a million different Spiderman products out there and it’s just hard to choose. If you’re having that problem then check out some of our Spiderman gift ideas. We’re going to suggest some of the top gift ideas that we could find for Spiderman fans. We tried to find gifts that would be appropriate for kids, men, and women. We hope you enjoy our list of Spiderman gifts and we wish you happy holidays!

#5 Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

If you’re friend owns a PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, or Xbox 360 they might enjoy this gift. This is a video game featuring Marvel Comics superhero Spiderman. The game combines four different universe from the Marvel Comics universes. Each player can choose up to four different Spidermen to play the game as. For the most part the game revolves around an artifact called the “Tablet of Chaos and Order.” Apparently it’s shattered during a battle between Spiderman and Mysterio. As a result there are now a variety of different problems for the Marvel Universe.

Madame Web calls on four different Spiderman from each of the different universes to help her restore order. Each of the Spidermen are based on figures in the franchise: The Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman Noir, Spiderman 2099, and the Ultimate Spiderman. For the most part the game has received positive reviews. In fact it’s actually one of the best selling games. The reason we recommend this a s Spiderman gift is because Spiderman fans tend to be young. We think that this game would be able to enjoyed by players of all ages.

#4 Spiderman: The Motion Picture DVD Trilogy

What’s better than owning the entire Trilogy on DVD? We couldn’t think of a thing. This DVD trilogy set includes Spiderman, Spiderman 2, and Spiderman 3. This is the ultimate set for all those devoted fans out there. In the original Spiderman you’ll be able to see how it all began. Plus you’ll be able to see Peter Parkers infamous fight with the Green Goblin. Who ended up losing his lift in the battle.

After that you can watch Spiderman take on Dr. Octopus in Spiderman 2. The second film is filled with character development as Peter Parker continues his lonely life as the superhero Spiderman. Finally you could top it all of in the final. Where Spiderman takes on his best friend who’s out for his blood for killing his father (Green Goblin). Overall the trilogy is being hailed as one of the best Superhero movies of all time. Would highly recommend for Spiderman fans!

#3 Mr. Potato Head Spiderman (Spider Spud)

How would you like to be saved my a potato? Would make an interesting kiss scene wouldn’t it? When a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker Potato he became Spider Spud! Idaho’s own superhero! This web slinger uses all of his super potato powers to mash out evil and save the day! With this toy you can dress up Peter Parker Potato any way that you want. Keep in mind that this gift is probably only appropriate for kids.

If you’ve never heard of a Mr. Potato head it’s a doll that allows you to dress them up. For example, all of the eyes, ears, nose, and shoes are detachable. You can then put the ear on the spot where the nose would belong. It’s supposed to be a fun toy for kids. Of course the toy does have it’s history. I remember owning a Mr. Potato head back when I was a kid. However this toy has a twist. It features a Spiderman outfit for all you Spiderman lovers.

#2 Spiderman 3 Ultimate Power Game

We thought we would suggest a nice board game that people would like. The game is brought to you by Briarpatch. In this game you’re going to be mastering eight different villains. Each of those super villains have super powers of their own. Which is why it’s up to Spiderman to power up and save the city once again. You’re goal is the capture as many villains as possible before they destroy the entire town of New York.

The game is played by determining which “Ultra Power” that you want to challenge. All you have to do is move around the board and save the day! The game is extremely easy to learn and is recommended for people of all ages. The game is intended for play by 2-4 players. The player who has the most villain cards at the end of the game is declared the winner.

#1 Marvel Super Hero Headquarters

This final gift suggestion is for all those kids out there that like playing with action figures. This toy is the superhero high flying headquarters where Spiderman and the rest of the superheroes hang out. With this toy you’re kids are going to need to take command of an entire team of superheroes to save the day. The command center includes lights, sounds, and theme music.

The idea of the toy is to make you feel exactly like you’re in the middle of some superhero action. This is our final gift suggestion that we’re going to recommend. The price tag on this toy is actually a lot cheaper than some of the other gifts we recommended. The only problem is that it’s for kids only. At least we hope adults aren’t still playing with action figures. Other than that it’s a great game and helpful in developing your Childs imagination.

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