How To Organize A Birthday Party With Thor Party Supplies

Thor has been one of the Marvel superhero stables since the 50’s, and he is one of the few that were not actually born on Earth. Having been born on the planet Asgard, Thor lost many of his memories, and one day, he came across the hammer ‘Mjolnir.’ By wielding this hammer he was thus able to reawaken his powers and proceed to defend both Earth and Asgard from outside threats. This makes Thor one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe, and would definitely make a great theme for your child’s birthday party. That being said, let’s talk a bit about a Thor Themed Birthday Party and what type of Thor party supplies you will need to get started!

As with any party, you will want to make sure you have plates, napkins, and plastic silverware for your Thor themed birthday party. In addition to that however there are certain items you might need to keep the magic alive, some of which might include the following:

    • Thor Comics: No, you don’t have to break out the vintage comics, but you might visit the local comic book store and see what they have to offer. Oftentimes you can get comic books for your Thor Themed Birthday Party at a rather low price, which is to say somewhere in the neighborhood of about $1 apiece.
    • Props: There are a number of different props that you might use at your Thor themed birthday party, some that might include helmets, hammers, belts, and even capes. These could be handed out, or everyone could be instructed to bring their own.
  • Expansion: There are quite a few characters in the Marvel Universe, and your party guests could dress up as any who were in the Avengers crew. This includes Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron man, lack Widow, Sabra, Hawkeye, and even Captain America!

Remember to grab a stack of Thor party invitations so that your guests will know the theme and have plenty of time to get ready. If your guests are familiar with Thor, they will be able to think of ideas, and perhaps even bring additional Thor party supplies. It’s hard to tell just what might happen when you throw Thor themed birthday parties!

That being said, now would be a great time to start planning, and start preparing that guest of honor for the special day. Thor is a great theme this year and there are plenty of possibilities to consider. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of different options regarding Thor themed birthday parties, so start looking around, start asking questions, and most importantly, start building a great birthday party today!

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