Captain America Costumes Will Fly Off Shelves This Halloween

With this summer’s release of Captain America on the big screen, there’s little doubt that Captain America costumes will be flying off the shelves this Halloween season.

Wearing a Captain America costume will make you feel like the Captain himself, a human who was chosen for a special military operation. According to the popular comic, this human got and injection of Super-Soldier Serum and was exposed to “Vita-Rays,” turning him from a weak young man into a muscular soldier with super human strength. An outfit was designed for him by the military, essentially creating a bonafide hero who fights for justice and freedom in America.

But before you start imagining yourself in one of these red, white and blue spandex suits, you should know that you have options. There are a variety of suits for men, women and children, all with accessories that can take your Steve Rogers impersonation to the next level.

First things first: do you want to be the original First Avenger or the spruced up version of the superhero portrayed in the new movie?

The original costume stays true to the images in the comic books. The colors are bright red, white and blue. Most of these basic costumes come with the jumpsuit and mask, while deluxe versions have extras like boot covers.

The movie costumes have deeper colors and a slightly more modern, military design. It is a printed jumpsuit with a zipper in the back, a utility belt, a character hood, chest and arm straps, and attached boot tops. Both versions have sizes to fit toddlers, boys and men. There’s also a muscle style that bulks up your chest and/or your legs with exaggerated padding.

The antithesis to the Captain America costume is the Deluxe Red Skull costume. In the movie, Red Skull is Steve Rogers’ nemesis, the commander of his own German soldier force.

And let’s not forget the ladies. If you want to make it a family affair, or even if you’re a Captain-loving lady flying solo, there’s a women’s Sassy Prestige Captain America costume and a Sassy Sexy costume.Young girls can choose the female version of the traditional Captain America costume, a dress that comes with an attached cape. There’s even a costume designed especially for tweens and teens that comes with a dress and attached belt, wrist gauntlets, leggings and an eye mask.

Babies aren’t left out of the mayhem either. Proud parents can choose from a Captain America bunting costume, and a regular costume for older babies that includes a bodysuit and cap.

Of course, no Captain America outfit is complete without a shield, sold separately. Other available accessories include boot covers, goody bags, and, of course, gloves. Gloves come in short and long styles and in adult and child sizes.

No matter which suit you choose or how accessorized you are, you’ll be paying tribute to comic books, superheroes and America when you put on a Captain America costume. Best to order one now before they’re gone.

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