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As I stood there in the cold shimmering night of day, I couldn’t help but notice a muscular bronzed shadow looking at me. I turned suddenly to find myself face to face with could it be who I thought it was? My eyes traced his lean slim figure for all the markings that I knew to be true. I froze as my eyes reached his hands, glimmering in the sunlight were the unmistakable swords from his knuckles. There was the dawning realization that I had read too many of those comics, this was Wolverine. Suddenly my legs turned to jelly, a bright bright light enveloped me and the next thing I knew I was being transported through the air and back into the safety and relative comfort of my own bed….

Did you enjoy that? I cant tell you how much I loved writing it. I actually started out thinking all I wanted to provide was a brilliant guide on some ‘super hot’ Wolverine products, but as I soon discovered. The wolverine concept is quite addictive and there really is a lot to him.

So, firstly what’s hot about wolverine? Wolverine is a fictional mutant superhero with an attitude to die for. His take no prisoner attitude is legendary as are the steel claws that slice in and out of his knuckles (ouch! that hurt). He has the amazing ability of being able to regenerate parts of his damaged body at a faster speed than any human you have seen.

So, what are his weaknesses? Well, whilst being both strong, agile and courageous, he is also torn by who he is and where he has come from. Acceptance of yourself when you have many aliases and a heavy weight past can be tough I’m sure.

Anyway enough about the wonderful character that is wolverine, let’s strike to the nitty gritty stuff. What’s hot this time of year in wolverine goodies. Here goes…

For the adults there is loads! – Firstly there are the amazingly classy statues. There is the Kotobikiya Japanese import. They are freshly designed with wolverine springing into attack with his left arm slashing upwards and his right poised for the next blow. The great thing too is that wolverine’s wicked 2 1/3 inch-long claws are real metal! This really is a collecters item which would double up as a great present for any adoring fan.

Of course, one of the wonderful aspects to the X Men movies and comics is the presentation to us of the many faces of wolverine, but how do you capture this in a nutshell? The marvel mini mates box set does this splendidly. These little miniatures represent wolverine down to a tee. With this you can appreciate the many faces that is wolverine.

Ok, I spotted another brilliant must have, want to jazz up your wardrobe? How about the wolverine replica Jacket. Real leather, fully detailed and stressed. This looks exactly like the one in The X Men sci-fi movie. It is definitely for those who want to look great!

Why not have your very own wolverine costume? There are plenty to choose from. It includes the jumpsuit, belt, mask, claws and belt buckle. You never know, a wolverine costume could be the perfect outfit for any fancy dress party.

OK fellas, haven’t you always wanted Logan’s hair do and sideburns, well you have the opportunity to wear these in style along with the costume. Speaking of costumes there are some great cute ones for children and toddlers. This one I spotted just was so lovely I had to include it. Tiny and tough, this wolverine costume includes a one-piece screen-printed blue and yellow jumpsuit that gives the appearance of boots, a belt and even even a muscle chest! There is also a mask to boot! I loved this when I saw it, you will too, it’s adorable. Add to this wolverine tattoos and x men disc launchers, wolverine claws and masks and your kids will have a whale of a time. Not just this, there is also the wolverine action figures. These come in a variety of versions for example you can be creative with the logan comic series action figure or maybe you prefer the wolverine strike mission action figure?

Softer Toys for younger tots include the wolverine super deformed plush toy. I loved this as I can see any young child snuggling up to this in bed or how about bobble head wolverine. This wolverine replica reminds me of the thunderbirds type puppet movement, I guess that’s why it’s called the Bobble head wolverine!

So, in summary, there is a lot on the market. Wolverine seems to have taken over all our stores, thoughts and imagination. Whatever you decide and however you want to celebrate the concept that is the X Men, enjoy it. Because once your touched, you’ll be back for more…..

The X Men Toys Team

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